February 18, 2012

Primark SS12 collection ispirations - Mary Katrantzou and Prada

I know that the opening picture doesn't make with the title but as you will see in the following picture it does indeed. Primark SS12 collection has got few pieces clearly copied from top-end designers. 
As the long awaited Mary Katranzou collection for Topshop dropped yesterday in the shops (and it's already sold out online), at the same time on the web and on the newspapers the news that Primark copied Katrantzou's pieces spread out.

Katrantzou suit and Primark trousers
Primark jacket

Broswing the whole SS12 collection I found out that Primark copied Prada SS12 'americana/car' themed collection too.

Primark it's not the first and won't be the last to get knock offs of designers on the high street and I've read quite a few blog posts and comments praising Primark copies and despising the too high price range of the Topshop pieces.
I personally don't like designer pieces to be copied in full like Primark did but I do understand if a high street brand does copy a trend...and I will not personally wear something that it's clearly a 100% knock-off because there's no creativity and personal style involved in it.
What do think about this?


  1. Ahhh se solo ci fosse Primark in Italia!

  2. fashion is the sharing of creativeness so why not, i already stated this on my facebook page and i brought the dress which is great dressed up with the right accessories