November 19, 2010

Here she model ;-) ready for the shooting

Just two words: I DIE! SIMPLY BEAUTIFUL!!

..and make up

...Mariano Sabatelli giving Alice a touch of magic!! Make up excellence!!!


Here is the transformation of my model, Alice Bandiera, begins...

Photoshoot backstage ;-)

Hi there!! Here there are some amazing pictures about the wondeful equipament that our makeup artist/hair stylist Mariano Sabatelli had. He made an excellent job and made the models look gorgeous.
Thank you Mariano.

Rain rain...go away!!

November 17, 2010

My first time...Photoshoot Eve

That's it. Just few hours to go and the first photoshoot of my stylist career will begin. I mean it is a school-like situation still is important to me. I got really involved and already learned few lessons.

Petticoat got undone :-( but it was fun to make it.

Double and triple check everything.
Trust yourself and your istincts.
Be organised and time efficent
Keep your staff and colleagues up dated and posted.
Keep them involved.
Be energetic.

Few pic about the prep. and I ll post the backstage pictures these coming days


November 14, 2010

Should I stay or should I go?

Fashion Styling for Professionals

The small pieces of a larger mosaics are slowly coming together and I'm wondertig ''Should I stay or should I go?''. I mean...should I stay in Italy or , finally ove to the Uk, study more styling in the summer _ Central St.Martins rules!!_ and start working fashion?

A major ( Rachel Zoe-like) change is taking place: the family house I live in is on the market and by June it'll be gone and I still have to decide, as well, what to do_ buy in Italy and leave, or just leave with the money?

Any ideas folks??

November 10, 2010

Petticoat challenge!!

As you read in my last post I was about to produce, well, it felt like an experiment really(!), a petticoat that I'm going to use for my first photo shoot 'The sound of style'.
Well, I think I made it...more or less.
Three layers of double folded tulle that I partly saw and partly (shame on me!) stapled together!!

I think the final product it's not too bad, considering that I'm not a taylor. We will see how it will fit on the model_ tomorrow is carting day and fitting_ and under the coctial dress that I chose at the Accademy.
Here it is.


Marc Jacobs article on Lost in fashion!!

Check out my Marc Jacobs/ Maripol article on the Italian fashion bog Lost in


November 6, 2010

Getting ready for my first Photo shoot(ing)!!

18th of Novembere 2010. -6pm. Location: photo stduio, Trastevere, Rome.
These are details of my first ever photo shooting!! It is the final project of my fashion styling course that I've been attending since July at Accademia del Lusso ( it sounds great, eh?) in the heart of Rome _ Via Barberini ;-)

Today I spent my Satturday afternoon sewing, yes-sewing, a lilica petticoat, that i really want for a shoot. I could have got it from a shop, or hired it but...I though that as an beginner stylist I should do it myself and learn how hads-on this job really is. bedroom looked like this.

The first layer of the petticoat is done ;-)

I will post more pics with the accessories that I bought and what I still need to get.