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Style and Fashion In the UK Through Italian Eyes.

I'm Dario Bentivegna.
I was born and raised in Rome but living and working in the UK at the moment - Brighton and London. I started my carreer in fashion as a fashion stylist and then moved to writing. You can check examples of my past styling work here.

I'm a blogger and fashion writer with the occasional fashion styling gig in the mix.
I'm the UK Fashion Correspondent for Fashion News Magazine and I've been covering for the past 5 years as accredited press LFW and LFWM as well as AltaRoma.

I was Menswear Editor of So Vain Magazine between July 2011 and April 2014.

I write mainly for an Italian audience but I occasionally write in English as well or in both languages.
I cover fashion weeks, fashion news and offer critical opinions on fashion news.

E-mail bentivegna2003@yahoo.it

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