October 25, 2011

Styling Fun - The '70 reloaded

I finally had the chance to have my first styling shoot released. It is the project at the end of my styling course in Rome. I had posted step by step posts of it but what was missing were the final pictures!

Finalmente ho la possibilita' di vedere realizzato il mio primo shooting. E' il progetto finale del mio corso di styling fatto a Roma. Avevo postato le fasi dello shooting a Marzo ma mancavano le foto finali!

Here you'll see the video I made back in March with the trasformation from the three '70 characters
( Wonder Woman, Penelope Pitstop and Eva Kant) from the original to the 2011 version. Pictures will follow below.

Qui sotto il video con la trasformazione dei tre personaggi anni '70 ( Wonder Woman, Penelope Pitstop ed Eva Kant) dall'originale nella versione del 2011. Le foto dello shooting subito sotto.




Ph: Stefano David
Model:Rezarta Ulkinaku
Styling: Dario Bentivegna
Fashion Coordinator: Valeria de Rubeis

A special thanks you also to Tiziana Galli and Alessandra Pantano, my fellow styling course mates, and to Valeria De Rubeis for the support and energy that gave us.

October 22, 2011

Shopping : Fashion Make-Up and Perfect Make Up sconti al 60-70%

Ragazze, mi discolpo subito eh!
Ovviamene non me ne intendo di make up e non vi volgio proporre dei prodotti che non conosco, ma proprio per questo, date un'occhiata e ditemi voi.
Sull'abbigliamento non ho problemi sul make up, a parte le ovvie marche non so nulla.

Fino a mercoeldi' 26 ci sono in vendita su Showroomprive' queste 2 marche , Fashion Make-up e Perfect Make up - ed una serie di prodotti, con sconti dal 60% al 70%.

Cliccate sul banner per iscrivervi al sito e accedere alla vendita.

Fashion Make-up:Ciprie e fard
Ombretti Mono
Ombretti Trio
Mascara ed eye-liner
Smalti opachi
Smalti irridescenti

Perfect Make up:Matite per occhi
Stick per occhi
Ombretti e palette

Fatemi sapere che ne pensate.

Styling and shopping: the '60and the '40 '.

Tra qualche settimana scattero' un editoriale qui a  Londra ispirato agli anni'60 e da ieri i miei occhi sono all'erta su questo stile. Guardando tra le vendite di Showroomprive mi sono soffermato su quella di Tara Jarmon - Paris- in corso da ieri e fino a lunedi' 24 Ottobre alle 23.59.
Inoltre tra gli abiti anche una selezione in stile anni '40.

Ecco una selezione dei miei capi preferiti.
Per vedere tutta la vendita e le altre in corso sul sito cliccate sul banner, iscrivetevi (gratutitamente) e fate i vostri acquisti.

ABITI anni'60

ABITI anni '40



October 20, 2011

Emerging fashion designers: Thom Neal

Just when I thought that styling and shooting menswear was a hard task to pursue because of the lack of mouth watering collections, I stubled across  Thom Neal  'DIE MIE' graduate collection on Tell us fashion.

The striking thing about his collection it's that even if you don't know the concept and brand you can gather immediately its identity: made in England
The first connection that I made was with Sherlock Holmes (that iconic cape!) and Burberry, of course, but
to a closer look  the silhouette, the tailoring and the overall mood of the garments are  relaxed, cool and just with that little twist for a contemporary and comfortable fit.

Manx Tweed, Made in Scotland & England wools, ripstop nylon, rabbit fur panels and sheepskin coats are the trademark of the collection plus earthy, natural and warm colours like mustard, burgundy and shades of green and brown. 
All this elements, mixed and matched, just make me want to wrap up into Thom Neal's outerwear now!

This is Thom's website with the collection, the lookbook and more:
 I did also find this interview that dates to his graduate time in May 2011:


R.A.R Lookbook styling.

I had the pleasure on Thursday the 13th to style 4 outfits of the label R.A.R. by Ryan Anton Reid.
I simply replied to a casting on MM for a future project and within few daysI was in North London styling 4 looks!
It was my first experince with a lookbook and I was thrilled to go for it.It was fun as Ryan has a bubbly personality and the model and the Mua were great too. Ryans was full on during the shoot, snapping pics for his blog as well working closely with the Ph and Roanna the model.
Here backstage pics that I took for the R.A.R. blog.

You can shop the SS11 collection here.
AW collection coming soon ;-)