July 3, 2022

Who Is On Next? 2022 - Rome Fashion Week


In just over a week the July edition of Rome Fashion Week will kick off  from the 11th to the15th July. Whilst the calendar is still under wraps ( work in progress) the finalists of WION 2022 have been announced, the date (12th July) and the amazing location of the show. As you can see in the picture above the event will be held at the Campidoglio - one of the seven hills - at the heart of the historic centre - just at the back of the Forum - and home to the city museums and the city administration.

This is such a great link up between AltaRoma - that organises the fashion week - and the city. First of all the event opens up to the city itself and makes itself visible to the general public. Rome itself is going to benefit from it as it will show its support for such an important industry and show off what a great place it is to host this kind of event. (On a side note the same synergy will happen on July 8th when Valentino will show on the Spanish Steps). Let's now explore the 2022 edition of Who is on Next and its finalists.

Eleven brands have been selected - 9 in clothing and 2 in accessories - and the category Menswear and Genderless confirmed. WION is a
competition sponsored by AltaRoma and Vogue Italia with the aim to select, showcase and support emerging brands that operate in Italy - let's not call them 'young designer', please. The competition will offer to all the finalists a place on the Roma Fashion Week 2023 edition and the first two winners - one for category will receive some prize money and visibility on Vogue Italia. But this is not all.  Milan Fashion Week will give the winner a chance to show during its calendar in September 2022. Pitti - in Florence - will award two designers the Pitti Tutoring and Consulting Award that includes a 6 months mentorship program.

These are the finalists of the Who Is On Next? 2022 edition. Ă‡ANAKU, GAMS NOTE, LESSICO FAMILIARE, LUCIA CHAIN, MAISON LAPONTE, MOKOO, MORPHINE, VIEN for the clothing category and 10.2" and KARIM DAOUDI for accessories ( both footwear).

Last but not least every competition has its judges. The WION judging panel ranges from Silvia Venturini Fendi to Alessandro Michele ( Gucci and born and bred in Rome) and many more expert within the Vogue Italia team, withing LVMH, Milano Fashion Week, Pitti, fashion journalists and designers. let's leave it to them and we will judge by oursleves afetr the show on July 12th.
If you're curious to know more about the Rome fashion Week in general you can read its overview here.