December 1, 2018

AW 18 Style Files. Red and Sparkle.

The long run of Christmas work parties, friends and family get together has started and most of us, do think carefully, if not worry, about what to wear. I believe you should just keep it simple and stick to some tried and tested festive staples like sparkles and reds.

Watching hundreds of fashion shows has taught me, among several things, to look back at the looks seen on the runway and get some major inspiration from them or just get ideas.  I picked few looks from AltaRoma January 2018 that fall in the festive category hoping they can be of some use as a springboard for your outfits. Just remember to smile when you go out, you are not one of the models above ;-)

Marianna Cimini

Davide Grillo

Black Friday 2018. Yes or Yes.

Well, well. Another Black Friday week-end is over this year and December has just started. A week after the event and two weeks after my last post, hoping to have a sustainable one, I have to say that all is well. Infact, not only this year Black Friday was good for business, according to official reports and my own observation throughout the whole week-end ( so tiring!) but also I have the distinct impression that shoppers finally got really savvy and bought what they really wanted and what they really needed. So a double Yes for business/shoppers and sustainability.

We will see how the Christmas rush pans out. Stay tuned.