February 11, 2012

Leonardo Da Vinci - Photoshop inventor?

Few weeks ago I went to the National Gallery to see the Leonardo Da Vinci exhibition that focused on his year at the Milan court  in the late 1480s and 1490s and his production of that period.
The reason why I'm talking about it in here, a fashion blog, it's the first thought that I had looking at his portraits. For the first time ever, infact, I was looking at them as if I had seen them before and they were really familiar - note that it was the first time in fact. Then I realised that the familiarity that my eye detected was due to the Leonrado chiaroscuro tecnique that in 2012 we may call Photoshop.

Established that I kept looking and looking and furthr realised how the fashion imagery of our times is really similar, probably infuenced by him, more than 500 years later. Amazing.
We're litterally surrounded by photoshopped pictures and I've included some examples from recent campaigns by Mert and Marcus that capture the Leonardo heavy influence.

Just to be clear: I'm using the adjective photoshopped in amerely descriptive sense and not in a negative way, as this post doesnt focus on what I think about Photoshop and its implications.

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