February 17, 2012

My LFW AW12. AUTOMATIC Exhibition of Fashion and Photography.

Yesterday I finally went to the AUTOMATIC Exhibition of Fashion and Photography at Testbed1, in the Battersea Park area, to see the shots that I styled in tandem with another stylist, Amelie, on the coldest and snowiest day of Febraury, the 5th.
As I told you in a previous post, the designer Sarmite Ostanevica let a group of photographers, there were 13 showing in the end, take pictures of her AW12 collection with the only brief to stick to the collection concept of mechanical/automatic.

The whole creative team I worked with was all there, just Filippa -one of the models- didnt show up, and I was honestly really happy to see the results of our difficult and freezing day of shooting.
My team had three pictures on the wall surronded by some props that we used for the background and Carine, the photographer, set up a table with a screen showing on rotation some extra pictures plus the moodboard, plus the creative team pictures and details. We left our business cards there as well to be picked up.

Creative Team
Photographer: Carine Ottou
Assistant photographer: Li Fei Fei
Models: Daniela Rotaru, Filippa K
Stylist: Dario Bentivegna, Amelie Rousseau
Make up&hair: Joana Ascenso
Graphic designer: Paulee Rousseau

Created by me and Amelie who took care of the layout as well

The pictures of the other photographers were all around the gallery and I will post some of them when they come out as I didnt really have time to take pictures of them as I had been networking and chatting away with my team. I did -though -took pictures of the way Sarmite's collection was presented and I really love it.

Soon I'll have the pictures and you'll be able to see them properly plus I'll tell you the in the making/backstage drama that went on during the day of the shooting ;-)
Stay tuned.

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