November 17, 2018

Black Friday 2018. Let's Make it Sustainable.

I have always had mixed feelings about the effectiveness of Black Friday, particularly for clothing and fashion, as there are promotions, sales and extravaganzas all year round. I'm sure that quite a few of you can relate to the opening picture; an avalanche of clothing that sits in wardrobes and drawers, ready to 'kill you', as soon as you open them. I expressed my negativity two years ago - sorry the post is in Italian! - and I have to say that this year my position has softened a bit.

Infact, as I see it daily at work, customers seem to have become really savvy, demanding and almost frugal. I do hope therefore that on this upcoming Black Friday/Sofa Sunday/Cyber Monday people take advantage of the deals BUT buy just what they really need and want with no excess. Sustainability in this context refers to consuming as little as possible and consuming good quality products. I will update you once this year Black Friday is over on Tuesday 27th November ;-)

November 13, 2018

AW18 Style Files. Technicolour Layers

Looks: Moi Multiple & Marco Rambaldi

The days are getting shorter, it becomes dark earlier and the cold days are going to last for a few months. But it's not all doom and gloom. Infact as well as wearing cosy cords and velvets  we can use colour to keep our mood up. Better than that, use several colours, taking a technicolor world out there. This time I'm going to show you some looks from the January 2018 edition of AltaRoma, that I had the pleasure to attend. 

For those who don't know this fashion week event that takes place in Rome in January and July, I'm going yo give you a quick overview of where it sits in the context of the Italian fashion calendar. Everybody know Milan Fashion Week and Pitti on Florence but not many have heard of AltaRoma. AltaRoma, over the years and through several reinventions, has finally emerged as the main showcase event for upcoming designers that work and create in Italy, as well as still showing some amazing Italian Haute Couture. There is also a lot more going on but, as I'm going to cover the even in Janaury 2019, I will come back to that. Back to the looks!

The styling trick to pull colours off is to balance them with neutral colours either on the garments or on the accessories - scarves, shoes, thights - and focus on two , maximum three accent colours. have a good look at how the models are styled in the pictures ;-)

Marco Rambaldi 

Moi Multiple