February 18, 2012

My LFW AW12. Anna Dello Russo and Peroni Collaborazioni at the V&A.

Last night I had the chance, ( yep... I won a ticket thanks to Stylist magazine), to be in the audience for the Peroni Collaborazioni, The Talk, event, with Anna Dello Russo! :-)
No need to tell you that I really like her, her attitude, her sense of style and I find her really entartaining and smart. I saw her back in September at the Michael Van der Ham show and since then I like her more and more.

Being at the V&A it's always a pleasure and thanks to this event I had the opportunity to sit in the Lydia and Manfred Gorvy Lecture Theatre, an elegant room with chandeliers, paintings and a semi-dome.
The talk was hosted by the elegane and smart Gianluca Longo, style director of ES Magazine.
I took just a few pictures as, being a talk, I tought I try and make a video of the event.

 She wore a YSL fluffy/furry jacket over a Fausto Puglisi dress, high-knees boots and  ahead piece (of course) that it's a collaboration between two Italian artists ( didnt cacth the names but I'll update this info).

If you follow Anna Dello Russo as much as I can, the talk didnt add much to what we already know about her, her character, her job and her past but...it is, still, thrilling, and ispiring to see and hear soemone you admire, talk in fron of you.

The first part of the talk was about her carreer, her styling and about her becoming a fashion 'icon', basically jumping on the bandwagon on blogging and diversifying her role not only to the one of stylist and editor but to fashion consultant, blogger and producing also funny and entartaining videos.
The ONE great advice she gave us was not to be stuck to just one role ( stylist, designer or journalist) but be able and not afraid to try different things! YES....I agree :-)

Here's the video.

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