February 20, 2012

Fashion Blogs and Websites that Really Matter and I like.

I had planned to head to the Italian Cultural Institute in London todays, to report about the selecyion of Italian designers showing there as part of the LFW initiative to showcase designers from all over the world.I'm in bed instead with stomacache, with the laptop on my lap trying not be bored.
So I've been doing my daily round of read on the interwebs and i though that, both to kill some time and write a useful post, I'll compile a list of fashion blog and websites that keep me informed and that are relevant and informative in the fashion scene and not fluff. I'll include just a few that I don't like anymore but keep following just for the sake of being updated.


The main focus of Style Bubble is the focus on young designers and labels as well as off the beaten track shops or boutiques. Her posts are really well written, long and full of informations and amazing pictures taken by her. She covers the main fashion weeks plus the Tokyo one and occasionally the Swedish one as well.
She post pictures of her quirky outfits too but without showing off the labels and genuinely loving what she's wearing.

This is technically speking a weblog, with several writers, and an editor.
It covers fashion news, trends, the fashion shows, beauty and all that is fashion related.
It is a good read because it is updated several times a day and it really deleivers news quickly and with a distinctive voice. They also feature fashion internishs and job offers too.
It is NY based so it's good to be aware of what's going on on the other side of the Ocean.

Another weblog like Fashionista.com covering the same topics (fashion news, trends, the fashion shows, beauty and all that is fashion related) but with a light and gossipy attitude.
It has a feture called StyleDish, which is a weekly round up of news from other weblog aprtner sites.
Based in the US.

The title says it all. This great website covers the business side of fashion. Simple but with a twist.
Infact every day BOF editors select the best fashion/business article for the web and aggregate them for you.
Plus they do produce original, in depth content and interviews and they focus a lot on the link between fashion/businnes AND technology.
It is a great addition to the fashion-only related sites because atthe end of the day we mustn't forget that fashion is a huge economic force in our globalised world.

Then there are few weblogs of friends that I follow in Italy.

The list goes on with some obvious choices like Vogue.it ,Vogue.co.uk and Style.com, I-D and occasional peep on the site of W magazine, Harper's Bazaar and Elle.

If there's any blog/website that you think I left out just let me know in the comments.
This is a list of what I personally find useful and interesting and doesn't mean that the ones I didn't list are not worth of reading.


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