May 16, 2012

China Doll Boutique Summer Lookbook Styling

Yesterday I styled China Doll Boutique Sumer Lookbook :-) It was a styling marathon - more than 20 looks on the end and there was a last minute location change, from an open airi bluebell forest in Essex to The House Next Door five storey house in Shoreditch, as the weather was...well it's England you know?
I LOVED styling China Doll outifts again, after I did it for the first time back in November. The garments are femminine, fun and versatile and Nhuc, the Director, really gives me a lot of freedom when styling and accessorising :-) The team was great too. Fab photographer - Ailera Stone - who uses only natural light, great hair and make up - Leah Mabe - and models - Sophie, on her vere first shoot and Michela.
I didn't have my camera with me, and i wa super busy styling and steaming, so the pics that you see on this post are from the Istagram accounts of Ailera and Leah and Nhuc iPhone snaps :-)

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