December 14, 2011

Shooting and styling: my 2011 best looks.

As this year it's coming to the end and I won't be shooting untill 2012, here a list of my favourite looks that I styled in 2011. If I look back at 12 months ago, I was still in Rome doing my fashion styling course and not eanjoying teaching anymore.
Now, I'm in Brighton, I'm building a portfolio, shot and styled almost every week ( particularly october and November) and working on the next step - getting published and paid for my styling work.
The outfits that I've selected are dear to me either because they involved a lot of work (e.g.sewing!), or they were hard to get hold of or simply becuase I' m happy with the results.
In any way the dresses that are not here are not of my taste: if i picked and shot them it clearly means that I love them.
There are more shoots that I've done but I can't release the pictures as they are being submitted to magazines and can't be published. BUT in few cases the photogrpaher DISSAPEARED after promising and giving proof of submitting the shoot and doesn't reply to email and messages! GRRRRRR!
Check my portfolio for the full shootings and credits.

I cut and sewed the skirt!!

First time I handled a corset!!
We shot under the rain!

Styled and hold the reflector on seaweed rocks!!

First lookbook!

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