October 4, 2015

Brighton Fashion Week 2015

I've always been a keen supporter of fashion designers and fashion weeks close to the place I live; it doesn't matter if it's Rome Haute Couture - AltaRoma - and the Vogue Italia talents or the annual Brighton Fashion Week. Since I moved to Brighton, as you know, I've followed and be involved in it and year after year seen it become bigger and bigger. The 2015 edition is upon us, from the 15th to the 17th of October and is going to be entirely sustainable as the events, workshops, talk and last but not least collections show will be eco-friendly.

The Open Market will open the schedule with Fashion Salvage, a workshop that is aiming to show and educate people on how to up-cycle discarded clothes, using a 'Tonne of Clothes' that will be shipped to the Market as source material for the workshop. The same 'Tonne' will also be used on Saturday the 17th by LYC ( Love Your Clothes)  in partnership with Cancer Research UK and is open to the general public.

Friday the 16 is a day packed full of events, talks and debates about the current state and the future of sustainable fashion and the Sustain and Zeitgeist Fashion Shows. Due to lack of time I'll be able only to make it to the show and browsing through the designers that are showing I got excited by both names that I already know and new ones that I'm looking forward to discover.

My two biaes are L.O.M by Louise O'Mahony and Isaac Raymond as they both live and work locally and therefore whose works, over the years I got to know and appreciate quite well. Other names that I'll look out for are Angus Tsui, Gabriella Sardena, KellyDawn Riot and I'll keep my eyes open anyway in case I've missed anybody. Tickets for events, talks and shows are still available here.


Isaac Raimond credits Malcom Tam, Exposure Studios london

Angus Tsui

KellyDawn Riot

Gabriella Sardena

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