March 15, 2011

Fratelli (e sorelle) d'Italia

This brief post is my personal style&styling homage to Italy's 150th unification anniversary that is going to be celebrated on March 17th. Just put together 3 outfits with Italy's colours ( green, white and red) that I was going to wear and have it shot, but the bad weather stopped me doing it. they are.

Questo breve post è il mio personale omaggio di stile &styling per il 150esimo anniversario dell'unità d'Italia che si festeggerà il 17 marzo. Ho solo messo insieme 3 outfit che stavo per indossare e farmi fotografare, ma il brutto tempo me l'ha impedito. Comunque...eccoli qui.

Punk-military style.

Skull t-shirt by OVS for kids (yep, 14 y/o size does fit me!)
                                             (si, la taglia 14 anni mi entra!)
Safety pins put by me.
Camouflage trousers: vintage
Spikey studded writband: stylist own.

Sporty-jogging style

Sleveless hodie and long sleeve t-shirt by Tezenis
Sporty cotton trousers by OVS kids (as above)
                                                           (come sopra)

Casablanca inspired outfit

Last but not least Gattinoni and Curiel  tricolour dresses.



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