July 23, 2010

Self styling (!!)

As a respectable, but still amateur, fashion blogger I thought it would be convenient to post a selection of self styled pics.
Nothing special, just my first, shy attempt to cath my style vison on camera.

I'm wearing simple clothes - H&M kaky shorts&Panama hat, Brook's Converse-like trainers, a stripey sky-blue fitted shirt for outfit 1, and camouflage 2nd hand trousers ( 2 Euros!), NaraCamicie black waistcoat and Carrera sunglasses for outfit 2.

2 Different Tears!


Stay tuned though, because in 2 days I'm having a kind of proper photo shooting session with 3 looks _ '80, nerdy and military _ LOL! We'll see what comes out of it and I ll show the pics asap!


  1. Ma questo balconcino? da festa! .D quando si organizza :D? :D

  2. LOL...a leggerlo prima questo commento..ormai con questo freddo!!! Alla prossima ;-)))