June 30, 2018

AltaRoma June 2018. Power to the Fashionable Woman. Moi Multiple, Miahatami, Soocha.

Once again AltaRoma delivers an excellent mix of prĂȘt-a-porter brands that balances well the craftsmanship of the Alta Moda collections and the energy of the labels selected for the Showcase format. The pap names that show their collections in Rome and all different and unique but share the same stamp of approval: having been selected by Vogue Italy in the past few years through the competiton Who Is On Next. This means that AltaRoma keeps showcasing the best up and coming designers in terms of creativity and commercial credibility.

The first three names on the Cinecitta' Cinema Stage have all captured the zeigest of the past few month ( the #metoo movement), giving centre stage to a woman that is both independent, powerful and bang on trend.

Moi Multiple, finalist in 2009, designed by Anna Francesca Ceccon, plays with the power of the immagination and the refuge into the worl of tales. The Immaginifica looks infact presents the heroine of a fairy tale that only exists in her own mind. Unexpected colour combinations and textures are key thanks to paper yarns, synthetic ribbons and raffia. Giant flowers and fluid shapes complete the story

Next up is Miahami, winner of the 2016 edition of WION, and inspired again by the homeland of the brand's designer, Iran, and Shahrazad, the main carachter of 'One Thusand and One Nights'. The princess with the power of her storytelling not only makes the King fall in love with her but also stops him from being full of rage and hatred against women.

The looks are a celebration of the freedom of daughers, mothers and women workers of Iran. Clean lines and floaty silhouetted disguise the refined construction of each garment. Folds, knots and layers, infact, give a sensual twist to the clothes in combination with sequins and prints that conjure up traditionl persian fabrics and palaces.

We close this first review of AltaRoma with Soocha, finalist in 2012, directly influenced by the #metoo movent. The designer SooJung Cha pulls together simbols, prints and references to the equality of the two sexes.

The hashtag, the Chinese simbols for WOMAN, the flowery prints and the variations of the white shirt - a staple of a man's wardrobe - all shout out that equality has no sex but that women still have to make their voices heard as loud as they can.

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