June 26, 2018

AltaRoma June 2018. Italian Fashion and the Cinecitta' Glamour

I'm finally back to blogging with a fantastic news. Three of my favourite things are coming together in only a few days: Rome, fashion and AltaRoma. You know what a proud 'Roman' I am, how I love fashion and how particularlyI have been attached to AltaRoma for the past seven years.

The Summer edition of AltaRoma ( 28th June-1st July) is taling place in the amazing spaces of the Cinecitta' Studios, just on the outskirts of Rome. What a great location to celebrate the skillfull coutouriers of the capital, the emerging talents and showcase the present and past brands.

The calendar is packed with a selection of fashion shows, events and exhibitions. A successful mixture that makes AltaRoma unique in the landscape of the worldwide fashion weeks and is confirmation that is an event that is worth keeping alive.

Every season there are lots fashion insiders and media people that mourn the death of AltaRoma and despise the quality of it, declaring that it should just be stopped. Well, once again, the effort and the dedication of all the people involved in organise and manage it, have proved them wrong. After the though times in the Guido Reni Distric, I have the strong feeling that this upcoming Summer edition is going to be one of the best ever.

I won't be there in person for various reasons ( moved to London 2 weeks ago and started a new job a week ago) but as always I will keep a close eye on AltaRoma and report about it. Going to report in English only this time as I do really want AltaRoma to be know by the broadest readership I can reach and also because I know that the Italian readers I have will either attend it or know about it anyway. So...good luck to everyone involved and reporting about it.

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