November 2, 2015

Brighton Fashion Week 2015

This is the English translation of my article on BFW 15 that appeared on Fashion News Magazine in Italian a week ago. I'm translating it to make it accessible to my English speaking audience.
All pictures by Malcom Tam

The success of last year's Sustain event, convinced Lizzy Bishop, the founder and creative mind of Brighton Fashion Week, to focus the 2015 edition entirely on sustainable fashion. Not only upcycling workshops in order to create new garments out of old ones, but also debates, networking events and overall fashion shows whose designers used sustainability as part of their production and business model.
If Brighton Fashion Week doesn't attract thousands of journalists, fashion insiders and buyer like London, with the English capital shares a really strong push towards innovation and the right balance between creativity and business. To have thirty 'sustainable' designers on the schedule is not an easy task but the excellent scouting work done by the BFW shows that it is possible to create an event that proves that sustainable fashion can be real, a viable model for the future of this industry.

Even in the wide ranging diversity of the collections, all the brands share some 'good pratices' like using end of the roll fabrics, digital prints, eco-friendly dyeing techniques and the use of  organic materials and chemically treated as less as possible. Finally in order to show that sustainable fashion is a model that works well globally, in this 2015 edition, there were both designers from Brighton - the talented Isaac Raimond and my bias L.O.M - and from Asia - Angus Tsui and Tiffany Pattinson - who showed the best four collections of the event together with the floral menswear suits by KellyDawnRiot, that were a hit with the Brighton audience

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