August 31, 2013

Pop style, Pop life and K-Pop

I've been thinking and wanting to wrote about how much I do like almost anything POP. From art to style, fashion and music. Last week I told you about the Lyons Litography exhibition I went to and today just a hint to my love for K-pop - K stands for Korean. Quite strange I know, but once I've told you about it and you have seen the pics AND videos you'll understand ..I hope. 
Discovered K-pop by chance when I was teaching English to Korean students 4 years ago and a group of girls as a performance made a dance cover of the Wonder Girls 'Tell Me'. Little I knew about them, but them, their song and the choreography was as famous and Gangnam Style at the time Got back home in Rome, did a bit a research about them and started following and discovering K-Pop music and groups one after another.

I find K-pop music really entertaining, the choreographies and the MV really fun and above all the way both female and male groups do 'sexy' without getting almost naked and being slutty, like Miley Cyrus, is commendable. On the plus side one of the 'concepts' of the videos you see around is 'retro', that is references to the '70/80 both in the music and in the style. That is the best part for my eye as I love to see the way Korean pop culture reinterprets  Western fashion with their own taste and their humor sense.
That's all folks! Try and watch one of the MV I linked below and I'm sure you won't be disappointed ;-)

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