December 15, 2010

The sound of style - Accademia del Lusso,Fashion Styling final project

As I told you in a previous post, here it is my first EVER photo shoot project. I'm attending a Fashion Styling course in Rome at Accademia del Lusso and the following shooting it's the final project that we did in November. It's not perfect, of course, but I've learned a lot ( particularly what not to do!!).
Special thank to:
Thomas Pfutzenreuter -- Photo Editor and Photographer
Mariano Sabatelli -- Hair and Make up
Chirstina Rigano -- Shooting Coordinator
Alice Bandiera -- Model
Massimilano Ruta -- Studio and props
My fashion styling fellows and friends: Francesco Artibani, Federica Trotta, Tiziana Galli, Alessandra Pantano.

The sound of style.

A tale of a simple and talented girl that loves writing music in her bedroom and becomes a pop red carpet music star!

Long sleeve white T-shirt: Tezenis
Black glittered leg warmers: Tezenis
Head band: OVS Industry

Orange-grey cockatil dress: Accademia del Lusso Fashion Design Student

Organza and chenille gown: MG Unique

Let me know what you think!! Suggestions welcome!!

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